48th Annual Meeting of CIS Centres, Beijing, China




        August 30


        9:00   Opening (Assane Diop)


        9:15   Election of a chairperson  


        9:20   Adoption of the agenda


        9:25   Adoption of the report of the 2009 Meeting


        9:30   Presentation on the SafeWork Plan of Action (2010-2016)(Seiji Machida)


        9:50   Report on CIS activities and accomplishments since the 2009 Meeting (Gabor Sandi)


        10:15   Coffee break


        10:45   Report on changes introduced to the CIS databases and the CIS web site – Q &A (Gabor Sandi)


        11:15   Report on the activities of the CIS Centres Network since the 2009 Meeting – Q &A (Annick Virot)


        11:35   Presentation on the preparations for the World Congress – Istanbul, 2011 (Hediye Ozgen Timucin)


        12:00   Lunch break


        14:00   Presentation of the Seoul Declaration (Jin-young Kwon)


        14:10   Introduction of the reports from CIS Centres (Manal Azzi)


        14:20   Presentaions from selected Centres


        15:20   Two groups to share good practice


        15:40   Two groups will present summary of learnt lessons and potential for cooperation between Centres


        16:00   Coffee break


        16:20   Summary of the results of the survey questionnaire (Annick Virot)


        16:40   Discussion for survey results


        16:50   General discussion of current issues and future trends affecting the CIS Centres network


        18:00   Closure


        August 31


        9:00   A visit to CASST, presentation of the CASST’s main work (Wu Zongzhi)


       10:00   A visit to laboratories of CASST


       11:00   Closure