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Websites Related OSH Agencies


  Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security


  Ministry of Health


   General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine

     Department of Special Equipment Safety Supervision


  State Administration of Work Safety


  State Administration of Coal Mine Safety


  National WorkPlace Emergency Management Center


  China Academy of Safety Science and Technology


  Chemical Registration Center of State Administration of Work Safety


  Mine Medical Care Center of State Administration of Coal Mine Safety


  Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention


 Secretariat of  National Safety Standardization Technical Committee


  Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (Coal industry professional medical research institute) of SAWS


  The Training Center of China Safe technology of Mine


  The National Work Safety Testing Technology Center


  LA Mark Center of Personal Protection Equipment


  Mining Product Approval and Certification Center


  China Association of Work Safety


  China Occupational Safety and Health Association


  China Chemical Safety Association


  China Coal Miner Pneumoconiosis Prevention and Treatment Foundation


  National Bureau of Statistics of China